Awakening the Field ~ Feb 19, 2022 
Societal Issues 

Unique Awakening Connection Platform 
virtual meeting place we have created to facilitate (re)connection between participants of Awakening the Field and provide easy access to the workshops. 

What is it?

It is a place to easily find other participants & (re)connect:

  • You get a clear overview of other participants who are there 
  • You can send private chat-messages to each other
  • You can invite someone for a 1 on 1 videocall
  • There is a message board where you can read what others have to say & leave a message yourself 
  • It is a proven (since last years Awakening the Field congress) very fruitfull and nourishing way of communication and exchange with other participants. Even constallation and exploring groups were ' born'. there and are still active!

You'll get your personal login a few weeks before the congress starts.
And we'll publish a short introduction/instruction video here as well. 

And there is more!
Other features on the Platform include:

  • Easy access to the workshop schedule
  • Go directly to the workshops of your choice from there via the Zoom links
  • Check which workshops you plan to join, and see who else is planning to join 
  • Background information about the workshop facilitators

Even though it is not necessary to go on the Platform to access the congress, we really invite you to checking it out, because it is easy and fun!
When you register for Awakening the Field you get an access code and instructions for the Platform in your email.  

We would love to see you there!